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Print Media was founded in 1993, and operates in Miami, Florida, as a manufacturer of reliable and high-performance printer media used in mission‐critical printing applications. Mission‐critical printing
applications are those applications that have a direct impact on our day‐to‐day lives, such as heart‐monitoring or high‐value vouchers. In Healthcare, our customers include many medical device manufacturers, as well as, the largest hospital group purchasing organizations and medical supply distributors in the country. And, our transactional products are trusted throughout the world for trouble‐free functionality and the highest levels of security in the most demanding environments, from harsh weather conditions to high output demands.
Certified Minority & Veteran Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
Print Media is a minority and veteran Small Business Enterprise (SBE), but also a market leader. Our success is attributable to strategic diversity initiatives that provide innovative companies with less common market recognition an opportunity to present a value proposition. These initiatives have inspired our own diversity policy

Protected Patents & Intellectual Property
Print Media brings innovation to the marketplace. In fact, problem solving, or solutions, is what we do best, and have earned us various patents.

Certified Quality Standards
Print Media makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality. In fact, all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards Certification, which requires strict documentation of each work order and process, and thus becomes our customer's assurance. Furthermore, our facilities are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are subject to the regulations governing medical device Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).



Certified Environmental Management System

Print Media is making environmental issues an intrinsic component of our business policy and practice, and our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification validates and signals that our company is prepared for the legal requirements of tomorrow and follows environmentally sound practices.

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