ID Tapes & Labels/Stickers

ID Tapes & Labels/Stickers

Print Media’s linerless, no-waste, Naked Labels® identify, code, alert, or communicate critical data that can help prevent errors in healthcare. All products meet applicable standards and/or patient safety goals set by governing institutions. Specialty facestocks and adhesives combined with innovative construction provide solutions to challenging surfaces and environments in the healthcare setting, wether the application requires adhesion to the tight radius of a syringe (tight mandrel) or frozen surfaces, an adhesive that is exceptionally aggressive yet latex glove friendly, the ability to withstand and perform in the extreme temperatures (-320 to 212° F / -196 to 100° C) of liquid nitrogen storage (cryogenic) or sterilization (steam autoclaves, dry heat ovens, gamma irradiators, ethylene oxide gas), and/or resistance to chemicals and solvents (hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, iodine). All products are made of material from well-managed FSC® certified forests, recycled materials, and/or other controlled sources.



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