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Cleaning Media

Thermal Printers | Card/Ticket Readers | Bill/Ticket Validators 
Prevent premature print-head replacement, and avoid unnecessary frustration and delays from repetitive credit-card swipes, unreadable tickets, and rejected bills. After several hours of use, the thermal print-head componentreader-head, and/or validator lense component of your gaming equipment can begin to accumulate dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants.  Print Media cleaning cards, pens, and swabs are specifically designed to provide necessary preventive maintenance without dismantling the print-head assembly, card/ticket transport, or bill/ticket path.  For all intents and purposes, the process for each component takes less than 30 seconds or the time it takes you to swipe a credit card or insert a dollar-bill.  Print Media customers should spend a period of time analyzing the results of each cleaning process and should create a cleaning regiment based on the amount of dirt and debris removed after each clean. However, as a minimum rate that corresponds to use, Print Media recommends cleaning your equipment components when installing a new roll or pack of receipts/tickets to diminish equipment downtime, premature maintenance costs, and frustrated players.