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Car-park "Spitter" Tickets

Generic Stock or Custom Printed |  Magnetic Stripe or Barcode |  Consecutive Numbering and Tracking Features
Poor ticket quality is a major contributor to equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and frustrated motorists. Print Media machine-readable car-park 'spitter' tickets meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specification, and are designed to function in extreme environments. Our card stocks withstand expansion and deterioration in wet or humid conditions, due to early morning condensation or torrential rain storms.  Our printed tickets resist discoloration, fading, or blackening due to sunlight, UV radiation, and heat exposure, as a result of leaving a ticket on a car's dashboard for a few days.  Furthermore, our raw-materials have been carefully matched for low friction to minimize printhead wear, very low concentrations of sodium and chloride ions to prevent printhead corrosion, controlled thickness for proper printer feed, permanent imaging properties, and improved machine readability.  Choose from our in-stock generic line of machine-readable car-park 'spitter' tickets, or let us design and customize a product that meets your application with one color spot printing to near magazine quality process color, audit controls, and anti-counterfit features.

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